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Downloadable audio lessons with the song played  slow and up to speed from  Janet’s original tapes!  They walk the student through each song with hints and advice. Many students have requested that these recordings be made available again.  They are here as as a download file and samples are included for each.  Be sure to check to see the available tablature.  These are available for all levels of players. 

Each Audio Recording (MP3) provides a slow & fast recording for the song.   A sound sample is indicated with each song. An optional handwritten tab is also available with each song where specified.

*Important Key to skill levels of each Audio Recording! 

b = beginning,
i = intermediate,
a = advanced,
b,i = one variation for beginning and one for intermediate,
b,i,a = one variation for beginning, one for intermediate, and one for advanced (Three variations in all.)
Bluegrass style = traditional 3-finger style
Bluegrass: chromatic = one Bluegrass- Style & one with chromatic licks.
(Two variations in all)
Note: All songs are Bluegrass-Style unless otherwise indicated.