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The Banjo Handbook by Janet Davis

Quick reference book covering a wide spectrum of topics for the 5-string banjo, including banjo set up tips, roll patterns, licks, songs in the 3-finger style for bluegrass, the melodic style, and more. All levels. Click Here to Order from Amazon!

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This is a handy reference manual for five-string banjo players who are interested in the three-finger style of playing. Designed to give a quick explanation of the proper or most common method for playing the banjo in various situations. Sections include Banjo Set Up, Playing Basics, Chords, 3-Finger Picking, Up the Neck, The Melodic Style, Back-Up, Song Endings, and Playing in Any Key.

In tablature. Includes access to companion online audio in stereo, play-along format. Available from Amazon in paperback for $19.99.

Click Here to Order from Amazon!

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